We make the money the old-fashioned way—we earn it

A dependable management style…

HeatProfit Investment Company is a family owned firm that Invests in and operates profitable businesses for the benefit of its shareholders and partners.

Business is conducted with the highest integrity and regard for honest and fair relationships between people. Two generations of the HeatProfit family currently take active roles in business planning, portfolio and Investment strategies, and day-to-day operations, with the vital support of key executives, professional associates and staff.

This multi-generational management team brings the HeatProfit tradition and experience to bear in all major decision making, while permitting imagination and flexibility to play a part in business management, expansion and diversification.

Our Investment Philosophy

With preservation of our capital base paramount, we are committed to providing consistent and reasonable financial returns and growth to current and future generations of shareholders and Investors.

We will seek opportunistic Investments across asset classes capitalizing on the experience and the skills of the company and strategic partners.

Our success in the future is built on the core values of the HeatProfit family which have guided the previous generations; namely, honest and fair dealings in our business relationships and meaningful involvement with the community in which we work and live.

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