White Papers

What to Look for in ICO Terms and Conditions

Peter Khokhlov, Brian Konradi, and Andrei Danilov are lawyers and co-founders of Incremint.io, which is planning a token sale. This article does not constitute legal advice. Terms and conditions (or T&Cs), the timid cousin of the white paper, are an essential part of the makeup of an initial coin offering (ICO). With all the ICO hype, “white paper” has become a household term, boldly presented at the top of the ICO landing page. The terms and conditions, however, are typically [...]


Ripple Papers Promise New Start for $40 Billion XRP Cryptocurrency

The startup that oversees development of the world’s third most-valuable cryptocurrency, XRP, is moving to upgrade the underlying technology on which it operates. Announced Wednesday, San Francisco-based startup Ripple¬†is releasing two new white papers for peer review – one describing XRP’s consensus algorithm in a more formal way and the other outlining a way to improve the diversity of connections of each node, the software users run to relay and verify transactions on the network. Taken together, the moves show [...]