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Italy anti-establishment parties make big gains in election

Italian voters have delivered a bruising rebuke to the country’s political establishment, as both the populist Five Star Movement and the anti-immigrant, Eurosceptic Northern League were poised to make sweeping gains in the general election. Early results suggested a hung parliament and a period of protracted and tense negotiations shepherded by Sergio Mattarella, Italy’s president, for the formation of a new government. Five Star was one of the big winners from the election, as it appeared on course to be Italy’s [...]


It looks like Labor will win the Queensland election

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Labor government looks set to be returned in Queensland with an absolute majority of 47 seats, according to ABC election analyst Anthony Green. With 83.1% of the vote counted and 100,000 postal votes yet to reach the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ), the ABC’s computer modelling puts the ALP in front in the Gold Coast hinterland seat of Gaven — “beyond doubt” Green says — giving the party a predicted 47 seat majority over the LNP’s 40 [...]