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‘That’s a record’: Elon Musk’s Tesla battery in South Australia responded in just 140 milliseconds after a coal-fired power plant failed

Elon Musk’s gaint lithium ion battery in South Australia has responded in “record time” after a coal-fired power plant failed. South Australian State Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis says national operators were “shocked at how quickly and efficiently the battery” responded. The battery delivered 100 megawatts into the national electricity grid in just 140 milliseconds. Elon Musk’s giant lithium ion battery in South Australia has responded in record time to the first power failure since it was installed as a back up [...]


As Bitcoin Price Hits Record Highs, Australia’s Government Considers Digital Currencies and Tax Implications

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. As Bitcoin’s valued soared to record heights over the weekend, the Australian government heard evidence on digital currencies and its tax implications. On Saturday, Bitcoin’s value saw its value rise to $6,200 for the first time, pushing its Market cap to $102.8 billion. With Investor interest increasing in the cryptocurrency Market, governments are turning their attention to the impact it presents. One of which is Australian’s House of [...]